Hope Community Center is Dedicated

In the last year of being the Community Service Leader, I have sought a vision for the use of the building our ministry is housed in. Much prayer has gone into the decision. Approximately six months ago while having a conversation with Pastor John the idea of what the building could be started to take shape. Even though it was old and had not been renovated in years, its ‘bones’ were good. A solid brick structure with a good roof. Now it would take hard work and the support of our church board. Would they step out in faith to see the value of a building that would be totally dedicated to community outreach? In that faith would they supply the funds needed to refurbish a building that some had thought past its usefulness. At the September board meeting I presented a budget and was blessed to received full support and funding. Now the old adage, “Be careful what your pray for” began to ring true as the real work began.

Much of the building needed to be dismantled before it could be remodeled. In the process nothing came easy. Attacked by wasps while trimming hedges long neglected, thrown across a bathroom when a pipe on a toilet I was repairing exploded and bitten by a brown recluse spider while working in a sink cabinet that had not seen the light of day in years, were among the many incidents that hindered  but did not stop progress.

Within weeks the building had been cleared inside, while the outside was refreshed with new columns, doors stripped and painted (a bright yellow which surprised some of our members). Building and sidewalks were power washed. And neglecting wasp attacks, hedges were trimmed the best we could. Inside work now began.

Cleaning and repairing. Painting both ceilings and walls. Refurbishing bathrooms. By mid-October, the building took on a new personality. But there was one remaining problem. Even with days of cleaning the carpets could not be restored. This was a major problem. After seeking an estimate to replace them, my heart sunk with the amount of money that would be needed to complete the job. Once again, the church board would need to have the faith to allow this expense to be absorbed. And by God’s grace their only request was I seek a lower estimate. But if one could not be found they would approve the cost.

In the next week we did find a lower bid. The carpet was installed in most of the building and even though the Pathfinder room is still not complete at the time of this writing, I feel God has blessed us.

With a new sign out front, new furnishing, the “Hope Community Center” had its dedication on October 26th, as Elder Bobby Dumas prayed blessings and the church family attended, surrounding the renovated facility while joining in the prayer.

There is still work to be finished. The Pathfinder room needs to be completed and minor details need to be done throughout the rest of the building so it may host conference ‘breakout meetings’ in mid-November and be ready for its Grand Opening to the public during the upcoming Health Fair on December 8th. We trust that God has led us so far and will lead us to completion.

I want to thank all who participated in this project and now we seek that this building will be a center for sharing Jesus Christ with our community. We seek your continued prayers.

John Weston