Community Service Seeks Monthly Food Donations

Over the last 3 months Community Service has given food to anyone in need. Because of this over 100 extra food bags have been distributed in our community. But because of this, along with dwindling supplys of items like bread or cereal  we are now seeking monthly donations from our church family. 

Starting Sabbath July 11th we are asking our members to bring a loaf of fresh bread with them to service. From there each month on the second Sabbath we will be asking for a dry food item like bread or cereal. 

We are not asking for much from each member but if each member can bring one item what a difference can be made!

We also ask for prayer to be able to continue growing our client food list. Jesus multiplied loaves and fishes because he knew and trusted the Father. He asks us to have this same faith also.

Join us in this mission to feed a needy world

Any questions call our NEW Community Service Hotline number 478-397-7842!


John and RuthAnn